Indecision-Shrink and Think Small

Apr 18, 2024

There have been times in my life that even though I have had a lot of “business success” I was disillusioned about my anticipated “ROI” for all of my efforts. This brought a deep longing or hunger for more peace and fulfillment, confidence and clarity, contribution, and connection. 

I have worked with many leaders who have or are feeling the same thing. 

The “noise” in our minds that this disillusionment creates and the feelings that accompany it can often pull us into a mental battle of indecision, and uncertainty, that can lead to “shrink and think small” dialogue. 

In my opinion, what is lacking at these times is a decision. I have learned that the power of a word can bring decisiveness to indecision and clarity to uncertainty. 

I recently experienced the power of the word “ALL-IN” as I chose to do a Deep Cold Plunge in the frozen Pine View Reservoir at Huntsville, Utah. That decision, when told to my wife, was responded with, “WHYYYYYYYY! 

It does look insane and crazy, but what I have learned is that “All-In” has the power to bring clarity, focus, peace, and confidence. 

While in the frozen lake, mentally, I could observe my mind screaming that I was going to die, observe the pain from the cold, and the need to shrink and think small (get out, you can’t do this!) and yet, in all of this, I was at peace, calm, and okay with where I was, what I was feeling, and who I was. 

Paraphrasing Og Mandino, “I command, and I obey my own command because I observe, become focused, and take charge.”- 

True Living and clarity come as we embrace the “ALL IN” while surrounded by the noise of “shrink and think small”. 


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