Success Stories

"Doug is a fantastic coach! He asks questions that inspire deep reflection. He listens closely and doesn’t condemn. He helped me see not only a better picture of who I am, but he also helped me visualize who I can be. I definitely recommend Doug for those leaders who are on a sincere journey of self-improvement."

- Jared Christensen


Franchise owner at EXIT Realty Success and EXIT Realty Advantage


"Doug Stoddard is a caring and thoughtful professional. His insight and observations were much appreciated as we worked together. I would recommend his services to anyone needing to slow down and enjoy the moment and transform their busy agendas into quality time that enhances personal and professional lives."

- Caleb Dimick

Senior Vice President – Retail and Commercial Banking Bank of Idaho

"I am delighted to work with executive coach, Doug Stoddard! Working with Doug I quickly realized the deep impact he was having in both my business and personal life! I am a better listener, communicator, and spouse. I am also on track to double my sales based on what I have learned and applied from the rare and Life-changing concepts he teaches.

If you want an ROI on an executive coach, Doug Stoddard is the right coach! He is genuine, authentic, spiritual, but most of all effective in what he teaches and how he does it. Doug holds me accountable and encourages excellence, and he doesn’t tolerate a defeatist or faux-humble attitude. It’s not a matter of “should I spend the money to engage with him?” It’s more a matter of what you will lose if you don’t!"

- Greg Johnson-CEO at Webcheck Security

Doug is a masterful coach! I engaged Doug as my coach after watching him take his business from the ground to significant production in a relatively short period of time. I knew he had tapped into the correct principles of success and I trusted that he could teach me how to do the same to grow my business and improve my situation.

During the course of our work together, my original intended goals took a sudden veer in a different and unexpected direction. But Doug's master of the principles of "Intrinsic Validation" and intention creation helped me clear up the confusion that I was experiencing and quickly and smoothly change course and continue growing.

If I can say anything, Doug knows how to really Listen. He hears. He gains understanding, and he seeks permission to show you a new way. At the heart of it all is his ability to identify sabotaging habits of thinking that were driving my results (or the lack thereof). He was able to help me identify areas in my life and behavior that would normally be seemingly unrelated that were creating difficulty for me to move forward in my business, my relationships, my health and my spirituality. By addressing these sabotaging habits we were able to quickly and permanently shift behaviors that I'd struggled with for years.

Doug is one of the finest human beings I know and is full of experience and wisdom and possesses the skill to help you unlock potential within yourself that you might not know you had.


"Since I started my coaching with Doug, my life has completely changed! It’s the first time in many years, that I have found my purpose. I have moved from being frustrated, overwhelmed, and angry to experiencing a joy that I did not know existed.

My relationships with my loved ones have improved dramatically, and now I can create a meaningful connection with every person that I meet.

Finally after so many years of struggle I am experiencing great results in my professional life and business.

I am so grateful for the experience I have had coaching with Doug."

- Ioana Balanescu

"Since graduating from college in 2006, I have been fortunate to attract, work with and invest in extremely talented startup teams that have built several successful businesses, including multiple high-growth software companies. For context, the first software startup that I helped take to market was acquired for close to $40 million in just over four years after launching the company.  Achieving success as an entrepreneur certainly requires learning the mechanics of business, but even more importantly, being able to identify in ourselves the habits of thinking that are strengths, as well as shifting the patterns of thinking that sabotage the teams’ efforts to succeed.

Late in 2016, I invested in a six-month executive coaching engagement with Doug Stoddard. To be honest, I was defensive and extremely skeptical at first, but throughout this engagement, Doug effectively listened to gain a meaningful depth of understanding around my unique situation, and then quickly identified with stunning accuracy which specific unhealthy habits of thinking and communicating have been sabotaging my efforts in the various life and leadership roles that I play.

No paid event or program that I have ever participated in has ever helped me clearly identify, accept and then meaningfully shift my own poor habits of thinking the way this engagement has. Doug provided personal insights, sound advice and specific tools that I needed along the way to help me meaningfully shift my personal habits of thinking. As a leader, I am much better empowered to teach, promote and implement these same problem-solving thought patterns within my teams, which will have lasting impact on both the bottom line and our personal / organizational development.

Because Doug listens empathically, leads with Integrity, lives what he teaches, and has delivered real results in a very measurable and professional manner, he has become an integral part of my team as an executive coach, professional consultant, and a dear friend. My capacity and ability to effectively listen, communicate, connect with people, embrace structure, and enjoy the often-stressful process of entrepreneurship has greatly increased.

I would highly recommend Doug Stoddard’s services to any business or individual."

- Joshua Westover | Owner, TrendEthic LLC

"When you are looking to make a powerful investment like hiring a coach it is important that you find the real deal. Doug is the real deal. He has not spent his life aspiring to be a coach, but rather spent his life living life. He has raised 6 beautiful children, loves and honors his wife, and brings a foundation or practical experience to both the entrepreneur and the business leader. If you are looking for someone to blow your socks off with hype and larger than life promises, then Doug may not be your guy…but if you are looking for someone that will bring all of his passion, intuition, and attention for creating real results in the lives of his clients, then you found your coach."

- Paul Blanchard | Executive Director of the Og Mandino Leadership Institute

"Doug’s expertise and coaching clarified many issues that I struggled with.  No longer do I get intimidated by a big goal.  I have learned to trust the process and use your own gifts and abilities to achieve success.  Doug became a good friend and the experience was unlike any other out there!  Thank you Doug!

My key breakthroughs included:

  1. Realizing I didn’t have to reinvent a new way to connect with people, that just being “me” was enough.
  2. Retraining my mind that always said…”you can’t do this” and learning when I pushed that aside and filled my head, heart and mind with all of what I was capable of, I believed in myself again and got excited about my future.
  3. Knowing that the key to breaking down big goals, is to focus on a consistent, daily, “piece of the puzzle” rather than overwhelming my mind with the entire task."

- Dorothy Fojtik

"As part of my consulting business I am always looking for ways to become the best I can and provide services that exceed expectations.

As a result I recently took three of the most frequently used assessment tools in the business world. My results came back in a 77 page lengthy summary. I then took the assessment that Doug uses and together we reviewed his two-page results. I achieved greater clarity and learned more about myself and what is driving my life in the Assessment that Doug uses than the other three assessments combined.

It was a great experience working with Doug!!"

- Blaine Hone | International Business Developer and Consultant, B.D. Global

"Doug Stoddard, through his coaching has helped me to become aware of the habits of thinking that have held me back. I have been able to eliminate the fear of rejection as I have learned how to bring down walls of resistance in others. Thank you Doug for helping me with many amazing break through experiences. I have made huge strides in my confidence and abilities."

- Julie McLaws


Brandy Shaver