I've had several businesses throughout my career, and one very devastating failure where we had to declare bankruptcy-- that set me up for more success-- in every way-- than anything I would have attained without that experience.  

This has led me to 10 years of studying neuroscience and talking with over 700 entrepreneurs and business leaders.

I believe that 90% of all business challenges are simply people's personal problems in disguise, and when we try to change outcomes in our businesses and families by focusing on behavior it does not work!

Why? It is because habits of thinking are stored in neural pathways of our brains that get triggered and these drive our behaviors.

Our brain is a predictive tool that wants to keep us safe, and when a habit of thinking is triggered, it quickly gives us a powerful tsunami of subconscious memorized responses of emotions, sabotaging self-talk, negative attitudes, a memorized personality, that impact our behaviors, which impact our actions, which impact our results.

Neuroscience is now showing that we can't even identify or hear 90% of our habits of thinking. We react to them and get caught up in the tsunami but we can't hear them.

This is why so many of us stand on our beaches of resolve at 7 am (no binge eating, no negative attitudes, no overworking, self-sacrificing, etc. and by 7 pm, after multiple triggered tsunamis, we can find ourselves mentally drained and frustrated hanging on a "coconut tree" with the chips in our hands, anger in our hearts, negative self-talk in our heads, and taking on three more things in an already crazy life.

We often think we are destined for the lives we currently live in-- we aren't.  We are destined for the lives we create behaviors for.  And behavior is in our control.

This is one of the deepest passions of my life, to help my clients get awareness, clarity, and frameworks for sustained change. It means, in a single word: hope.

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-Doug Stoddard