Have you ever felt Stuck, or had a downturn in your business or career,  struggled in your relationships, or experienced overwhelm and tons of negative self-talk while chasing unrealistic expectations that seemed to never happen, or living in comparison, questioning your very worth and abilities? 


ACHING to close the gap and understand how to go to the next level?

Me too!! Just like you I used to live in all of the things I just listed.

It went on for over nine years! 

I tried all the usual things to break free of my internal trap and create different outcomes, like reading, attending seminars, purchasing lots of self-development courses, and none of them created long-term success.You see, the reason these  things don’t create sustained success is because all of these treat the symptoms and not the roots. 

When you try to change your outcomes by focusing on changing your behaviors and attitudes, it will not work because just like weeds in a garden keep coming back if you don't get to the roots, your undesired behaviors and attitudes will keep coming back until you get to your habits of thinking that are driving them.

For me personally I stayed stuck and frustrated because I was trying to create sustained positive changes using the same thought processes and actions that got me stuck in the first place, and I was closed on trying new ideas!

Then one day I finally opened my eyes and my mind to three things that totally changed my world financially, my relationships, my confidence, and my ability to create the success that I had hungered for over nine years! 

Those three concepts were:

1) I needed to identify my habits of thinking and limiting beliefs that were sabotaging me.

2) Embrace a system of creating new habits of thinking and empowering beliefs.

3) Find a coach or guide who had already successfully walk the journey that I was on and let them guide me.

I was introduced to a unique Habit Finder Profile. This brought deep awareness to my habits of thinking that were strengths, and to those that were sabotaging my efforts to thrive.

The assessment, combined with an amazing coach who taught me principles, practices, and procedures that has created the quality of life, vibrant and growing relationships, powerful communication, and peace of mind I never knew before.

I applied what I learned in the corporate world and other organizations that I was working with. I saw dramatic changes in sales, productivity, and relationships with my clients and especially with my family.

I was so empowered with what I had learned, that I spent hundreds of hours in research, training, coaching, and developing a very unique success system I call The Infinite Success Living Formula. It’s a step-by-step process that will empower you to cross your gap of where you are to where you want to be with  ever-increasing levels of ability with ever-increasing levels of ease.

I have taught this formula to corporate C-Suite teams, Small businesses, Entrepreneurs, and many others with great success.

If you’re ready to finally break free of the negative self-talk, low confidence, and feeling frustrated, and experience the kind of joy you desire the right way, then I promise you’ll find my Infinite Success Living Formula, extremely helpful…

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-Doug Stoddard